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Ken's Primary Focus:

Here is a summary of the top 3 issues Ken feels are facing San Marino.  Each issue has a series of drill downs that Ken will elaborate on during the course of the campaign.  Please feel free to reach out to him if you'd like additional details.

Safety & Security for San Marino

Assuring the safety and security of the community is the #1 responsibility of government.  This means a strong police and fire team.  It also means operating effectively, efficiently and within budget.

Ken proposes dissolving the current Traffic Advisory Commission and creating a new Public Safety Commission to help analyze public safety issues and create effective plans.

Preserve and protect the core fabric and unique character of San Marino

San Marino is an exceptional residential community built on rich traditions and common shared values. This must be protected for future generations.

Run San Marino like a business!

We need to run San Marino like a $30 million business with solid leadership, fact-based decision making and an informed long-term strategy and plan to address the issues.

Committee to Elect Ken Ude for San Marino City Council 2017
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