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San Marino is a $30 million business and should be run like one -

to provide the services our residents deserve.

Ken and Cathy Ude have lived in San Marino for over 30 years and they care deeply about our community.  Their three daughters - Carolyn, Kristen and Allison - went through San Marino Schools and he has three grandchildren currently in the schools.

He will bring 30+ years of business operating experience to the job of keeping San Marino one of the premiere residential communities in the Nation.  He understands the need to preserve the unique characteristics of our community.

Ken's Primary Focus:

  • Safety & Security for San Marino.
  • Preserve and protect the core fabric and unique character of San Marino.
  • Run San Marino like a business!

Ken believes that San Marino should be run like an operating business and has the experience to make it happen:  

What it Means to Run San Marino Like a Business:

  • Create long-term strategic and annual operating plans to address our issues and in the process create alignment, trust & transparency, and a process for accountability.
  • Address the major financial issues facing the City:
    • The ~ $25 million of unfunded pension liability, and growing.
    • The ~ $40 million in deferred infrastructure maintenance.
  • Establish operational and financial reporting disciplines along with increased transparency to make sure we stay on track.
  • Hire a strong and experienced City Manager, with business acumen, to act as the CEO of the City to drive results.
  • Carefully craft a Historic Preservation Ordinance that is enforced and updated as conditions change to preserve the core fabric of the City.
  • Create strong residential housing development guidelines, backed up by strong implementation processes and a City Council that supports the Planning Commission and Design Review Committee.
  • Establish data-driven decision making processes, with the appropriate amount of risk.

He believes that those leading the City should have a balance of business operating experience, with deep financial and operational expertise, to blend with their public sector knowledge.  Ken has run six different small to mid-sized operating businesses with similar revenues, employee bases, operating assets and challenges.  Most were turnarounds.

What Ken Knows How To Do:

  • Build and deliver on a Plan.  
  • Quickly understand and manage the people and the issues.  
  • Build operational and financial accountability.  
  • Build effective teams.
  • Achieve results.

Core Campaign Principles:

  • High standard of ethics:
    • Follow all laws and take the high ground on all issues.
    • Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  • No conflicts of interest:
    • Ken has no investment interest, other than his home, that would influence any decision as it relates to the City.
  • Ken is serving as his own campaign manager.
  • He is targeting to spending half of what is normally spent in the campaign.
  • Any excess $$$ from the campaign will go to support the Barth Athletic Center at Huntington Middle School.

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Friday, June 2, 2017 2:15 PM

Ken Ude Throws His Hat in the Ring for City Council

On June 2nd Ken Ude became the 5th candidate to run for City Council.  See the San Marino Tribune article:


Committee to Elect Ken Ude for San Marino City Council 2017
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